A girl who had a sex change operation has been hailed a hero by her family

A girl in her early 20s was hailed a heroine by her own family after she went through a sex-change operation to become a girl.

In a video posted on YouTube, Sarah Witheridge posted a picture of herself and her mother holding hands as they embraced.

“I had the surgery and I’m here today to tell you that this is the most amazing thing in the world,” Sarah said in the video.

Sarah, who was born with female genitalia, underwent a sex reassignment operation to be known as a female in October 2017.

The surgery was done to turn her into a girl after doctors discovered a tumour growing in her abdomen.

“It’s amazing.

It’s like a miracle,” she said.

Sarah, now 19, told The New York Times she wanted to “give back” to the community by showing them the courage she had.

“I wanted to show them that this has never been an easy journey.

I want to show you that I was brave enough to go through it and that this surgery is what I really want to be when I grow up,” she told the newspaper.

Sarah’s mother said she was inspired by her daughter’s bravery.

“She went through everything with her parents and she didn’t cry and she did it with her mum,” Sarah’s mother Rachel Witherridge told the paper.

“Sarah was so brave and so determined and she wanted others to know she had made the choice.”

This is what we were taught to do.

“Sarah is currently a student studying drama and music at Cambridge University, where she said she wanted “to show girls and women that they can be whatever they want to, whatever they can dream up”.

She added: “I want people to see me as a woman, not just a girl, but I want people not to take me for what I am.”

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