Which TV shows have the most LGBT characters?

The top 10 shows for LGBT characters in television include the following: (1) The Big Bang Theory: A lot of the cast members are LGBTQ.

(2) The X-Files: All of the X-files’ characters are LGBTQ, and the writers have a lot of LGBTQ characters.

(3) Scandal: The show is very diverse and includes LGBTQ characters as well.

(4) Family Guy: A large number of the characters are gay, bisexual, and transgender.

(5) Friends: Most of the series’ characters, including Pete Campbell, are gay.

(6) Family Matters: The main characters are all men.

(7) Glee: A major character is a transgender woman.

(8) Law & Order: A lesbian who has a boyfriend is a major character.

(9) The Walking Dead: A woman with a boyfriend and her family are major characters.

Source NBC News article