When China says it wants to help with child wear, it’s getting really serious

Posted December 23, 2018 05:02:04The Chinese government wants to be the first country to bring the technology behind wearable tech into mainstream use, a senior Chinese official said.

But the plan to offer it to the public isn’t all that clear.

“The main aim is to encourage people to wear their childrens’ clothes,” Wang Jianhua, the deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security, told reporters during a meeting with the National People’s Congress (NPC) last month.

“It’s very important for us to have the right to offer this technology,” Wang said, according to CCTV, the state-run broadcaster.

“But at the same time, we must have proper safeguards.”

Wang, who is in charge of China’s efforts to bring wearable technology to the masses, said he would like to work with a variety of countries to bring it to everyone.

“We should find a way to give the technology a wider public use, to promote the public interest,” Wang added.

“If we don’t have the proper safeguards, the public might have problems, and people might be concerned about this technology.”

Wearables are becoming increasingly popular in China, which has one of the world’s highest child-abuse rates.

But many worry that they could be abused by older children or by people who have a criminal history.

In a separate meeting with a top official, Wang also suggested that Chinese companies should build products that were specifically designed to be used by people over the age of 16.

“Somebody can get their phone, say, turned on by a kid who is 15 years old,” Wang explained.

“The kid can use it and the phone can then turn off and not get used by anyone.”

“And then they can also use the same phone, turn it on and turn it off and have a smart phone,” Wang continued.

“And they can then use the smart phone and go to the Internet.”

In November, Wang said that China would develop the technology needed to turn smartphones into smartwatches.

The government has also been investing heavily in research into wearable technology, including a pilot project to test a wearable for children in an effort to improve public safety.

In 2016, China launched a $50 million initiative to fund research into a wearable device called a “smart shoe,” which would allow people to control their own shoes.

A smart shoe would be able to detect your steps and tell you where to go.

The pilot project was cancelled in 2019, after an early failure.

Wang has also promised to create a “bionic” shoe, which would be made from the human skin.

But Wang told the NPC that the government is still working on the technology.

“There is a lot of progress.

But we don, unfortunately, have enough technology to give you a good, fully functional smart shoe,” Wang reportedly said.

“And we are still working.”

China is also trying to develop a range of products for people over age 15.

The country is investing millions in a project called “Hangzhou” that is looking to provide wearable technology that would allow kids to control cars, trains and other equipment.

Wearing tech will be crucial in this effort, Wang told reporters.

“Wearable technology will help to control the environment, the traffic and public transportation, the hospitals and schools,” Wang told Xinhua.

“I want to say this as a Chinese father: Wearable technology is good for us, too.”