Chip childw bankruptcy: $2.9 billion of debtor’s assets to be liquidated

Chip childwear is the largest creditor of bankruptcy filings in the U.S., but creditors in Canada say they plan to liquidate its assets.

Chip childwear filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States in April and was the subject of a series of court rulings in Canada and the U, including a court ruling that said the company owes more than $2 billion to the U and U.K.

The company said the liquidation of the assets will happen next month, and that it has an agreed-upon restructuring plan with creditors in the bankruptcy and the creditors in both countries.

Chip says it plans to invest $2bn in a new U.k. manufacturing facility and plans to sell its manufacturing facilities.

The U.A.E. government says that $1.8bn of the $2billion is in cash, while the U in the meantime has promised to return $200m in loans.

Calls for a new debt settlement were made by some creditors in a statement issued on Tuesday.

It said that it is “committed to continuing its efforts to address the challenges that have arisen in the past several months and is confident that the Chapter 11 proceedings will continue in the future.”

The statement also said that the U has agreed to take in a loan to cover Chip’s costs.

The statement continued that the company will “continue to work with its creditors to achieve a resolution of these matters.”

The Canadian government said it expects to take about $1bn of chip debt in cash from the bankruptcy, with the U pledging another $1 billion in loans to cover that amount.