New Jersey teen accused of making threats on Facebook

The mother of a girl accused of threatening her parents in social media has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the girl’s former school, alleging she was the source of the threats and is the source for the girl in the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit filed Monday in Middlesex Superior Court, the mother of 19-year-old Jaden Wurfel told The Record of Bergen County that she reported the threats to a school resource officer in July, a month before Jaden and two of his friends made their first school visit, which was July 12.

The officer called Wurflel about the threats.

On July 13, the day Jaden was to have a school visit and speak to a group of high school students, Wurfinel sent an email to school administrators that said she was going to make the threats because she wanted her son to know that they could get into trouble if he didn’t do what she wanted.

The school, she wrote, told her to be quiet and told her not to call the school to report it, the suit says.

When Wurlfel did report the threats, school officials did not notify the mother, the lawsuit says.

Wurflell said the threats had no effect on Jaden, who was not at the school.

Wurfiel said the family received a call from the school’s school resource team and told them the threats were unfounded.

She said she went to the school the following day, when the teacher told her the school was not responding to her phone calls.

Würlfel said she felt a little bit scared but told her it was not going to be a problem.

Wurlfenel said her husband and children were upset because they did not hear from the principal about the threatening messages.

On Aug. 1, Wurlfel reported the bullying to her attorney, the law firm representing her, WJZN Law, and asked for damages.

WURFEL said her attorney wrote back saying that the school has not notified her and she was not the source.WURFELS LAW: I feel like they know my son.

I am the one who made the threats that were sent.

And they knew who sent them.

They knew that I was the one that made the threatening calls and the people who were sending them.

Jaden is the only child in the school, WURIFEL said.

I feel horrible that my son got bullied, and I feel so bad for my family.

The lawsuit says Wursteiner also filed a complaint against the school district, saying that her attorney told her that the district was not notified of the threatening emails and the school did not respond to her.

The suit seeks unspecified damages.

Wurlfenell said she has not filed a criminal complaint against Wurfingers lawyer and does not know the name of her attorney.

Jaden Wurfenel, center, poses for a portrait at his home in Somerville, N.J., on Sept. 11, 2019.

(Photo: Michael Sears, AP)In a statement to, WUrfel’s attorney said the district “did not make any formal notification to the family, the district does not provide notification to parents, and the district has not provided a copy of the district’s complaint to Wurfinger’s attorney.”

She is disappointed that she has been treated as an object of ridicule and fear by her peers in her community,” attorney Mary C. Kocsis said.”

It’s disappointing that they are trying to take advantage of her as a victim.

We feel that this was a blatant attempt to intimidate her.

“A spokesperson for the school said in a statement that the family is not aware of the complaint.

Jurisdiction: Middlesex, EssexCounty: Essex, New JerseyType of action: Civil rights complaintAttorney: Mary C KocisLaw firm: Wurifell & SchulzLegal team: Kocses, Roberta; Wurkelsteiner, Joseph; Lillis, Matthew; Tapp, Robert; O’Donnell, Kathleen; Roesch, Jeffrey; Ritz, Michael; Pare, Mark; Schuldt, Jennifer; Riese, Michael.; Rios, Marjorie; Ruppert, Daniel; Sartorius, JenniferJaden Wurslidge, center right, poses with his grandfather, William Ritz at the Essex County Fairgrounds in Somerton, N:A year after the threats went public, Wursler said she had started working at a local coffee shop, but the bullying continued.

The bullying made her feel unsafe and scared to go out in public, she said.

She told the Register that she had a long fight with her former school and eventually left.

Wursler and her husband are both adults and live in New Jersey.

She said she believes her daughter is the one behind the bullying.”

We feel like she’s responsible