When Tyler, the Creator was a teenager, he wore his hair in a ponytail

Tyler, The Creator is a teenage boy who looks like he’s wearing his hair up in a pompadour and is also obsessed with his mother’s fashion.

In the film, he wears a hairpiece called a “ponytail” to signify his youth, and he’s also obsessed that his mother is trying to sell him an online clothing store.

The movie also features an adorable, adorable “snowflake” (as the film’s name suggests) character named Sophie, a snowflake with a cute “s” in her name.

While Tyler has been on tour since the end of last year, the film has yet to release a single clip or video for Tyler’s new album, and it’s unclear when the movie will be released.

While he hasn’t shared any information about the upcoming movie, he did recently talk about his upcoming album, which was recently announced via Twitter.


That’s my favorite title for an album title.

So I’m gonna make it really cool and weird and I’m going to have so many cool songs,” he said.

“And then you’ll hear some songs that I can’t even talk about yet.”

Tyler, 22, is known for his eclectic style, which often includes his signature hair and make-up.

He’s also known for being outspoken about the lack of diversity in Hollywood.

Tyler recently told The Wrap that he is “one of the most outspoken people in music” and that the music industry “is really failing” to address issues of diversity.

He told the magazine that he “always knew” that he wanted to make music in the video game industry, and said he “really wanted to be a game designer, too.”

Tyler has also had a busy calendar, including appearances at SXSW, MTV Video Music Awards, and BET’s Music Video Awards.

He also released an album with his friend and fellow rapper Ty Dolla $ign titled “Moonshiners,” which was released on October 13.

Tyler has not released a single since the film premiered last fall.

Tyler is still touring and releasing music, though, so we won’t know much about the new Tyler, titled “Lil’ Boogie.”