Tidal CEO says ‘I am the first kid in history’ to earn a $1 million in a week

The CEO of Spotify and Tidal, Carter Childw-RD, told The Verge on Wednesday that he is the first child in history to earn $1 billion in a single week.

Childw, who founded the streaming music service in 2006, was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Los Feliz, California.

Childwen, whose real name is Tariq Ahmed, was recently awarded $5 million by the New York State lottery for her work on the development of a smartphone app.

She said she is currently working on the next step of her life.

“I think it’s a lot of fun to see this kind of thing happening,” Childwen said.

“It is such a great day for music, and I think that it’s so inspiring to see kids and young people succeeding in all of these different fields.”

Childwen also said that she wants to see more people working in STEM fields, such as engineering and medicine, and also in tech, as well as in the entertainment industry.

“My hope is that we will have this conversation with people in the future about how we can take our STEM fields to the next level,” she said.