Eagles are trying to keep Chip Johnson from taking $2 million payout from his father

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles and his father, former NFL player and Eagles coach Nick Fole, are under investigation by the NFL for allegedly misusing taxpayer money.

Foles was fired by the team after the season, and his attorney, David Mack, told ESPN’s Michael Lombardi and Darren Rovell that the investigation was ongoing.

The league’s investigation, which is led by the Office of Special Counsel, is separate from the investigation into former Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Trent Cole and his alleged misuse of taxpayer funds.

Cole was sentenced to probation in March after pleading guilty to federal charges of accepting money from an undercover agent for improper benefits and misusing public funds.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported the NFL was investigating Cole for his role in a scheme that involved taking a $2.6 million salary from his mother and using it to pay a $1 million gambling bonus to his wife, who he had allegedly met at an event with Cole and another former teammate.

Cole’s attorney told ESPN that Cole and Foles had spoken privately during the investigation, and Cole had apologized for his actions.

The NFL declined to comment on the investigation.

Cole has not been charged.

The NFL is in the midst of its own investigation into Foles’ use of the taxpayer funds and other violations of the NFL’s rules.

Cole said in a statement to the Inquirers that he had “nothing to do with any of this,” but that his mother, who died in 2007, would not have been able to afford to purchase the casino room and that his father was not aware of the gambling bonus.

Cole, the NFL and the NFL Players Association did not immediately respond to ESPN’s requests for comment.

Fole and Follers father, Nick Folt, did not return messages left at their home phone number.

Follers was suspended for the first four games of the 2013 season and has been the subject of multiple concussions this season.

Foe was fined $100,000 by the league last month after an NFL investigation into his alleged use of a personal email account to discuss player-related issues.

Foe’s agent, Paul Tagliabue, told reporters that his client was under investigation for “unprofessional conduct.”

Tagliabues father, who also coached Foles in Philadelphia, said he was “extremely disappointed” by the allegations and would meet with league officials to “disavow them and move forward.”