When the whistle blows for the season: How the ‘hush puppy’ craze is turning the Premier League into a carnival for hush puppies

Carter Childwear announced it will stop selling the “hush” pups for the 2015-16 season.

The company said it was moving to a new breed of dog, the “muzzle dog”, and will focus on educating customers about the importance of proper nutrition and training.

The announcement follows an outcry by fans and animal rights groups over the breed.

Carter said it had made the decision in the “best interests of our customers and the sport”.

But there were concerns from animal welfare campaigners who said the company had failed to take steps to ensure proper care for the dogs.

“If they [cattle producers] are taking hush pups, we have no idea how much better it would be for their welfare,” animal rights group Peta said in a statement.

“We are not a dog breeders’ club.

It is not our place to regulate the breeding and trade of dogs, we do not control the breeding industry.

We cannot dictate to others how to breed dogs.” 

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