Chinese girl, 2, killed by toddler who ‘did nothing’

A toddler in China was killed by her mother’s toddler’s childwear because she was “playing with her sister’s clothes” and did not stop playing, a court heard.

Mao Sanbi, 2.5, was killed when her mother, Wang Jie, 22, put her to bed in the early hours of the morning, according to an autopsy report published on Monday.

Her body was found by her father, Chen, who had been out playing in a park when the child fell asleep.

The pair argued and Wang then “did nothing to stop the child from falling asleep” before the toddler’s mother, who was playing with her younger sister, left the room, said the report by a magistrate in Shaanxi province.

Wang Jia said the toddler had “no consciousness and was in a state of disorientation”, the report said.

Wang was initially arrested, but then released, saying he was “in fear for his life”.

“It’s not an accident,” he said, adding that he had been afraid his family would be killed by his wife’s friends.

Wang’s family did not respond to requests for comment.

The case of another toddler who was allegedly killed by their father, Li Wen, 23, has raised questions about the role of parenting in China.

Li, who is charged with murdering his son in August, was jailed in March for four years and five months, and his family denies the charges.

Li’s sister, Li Ning, said: “I am not against parenting, I am against the mother’s violence.

I don’t like to have children but I am in favour of them being left in a loving home.”

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