How to get a new pair of glasses for a kid who needs new glasses

A new pair has arrived for a boy in the United Kingdom.

The boy’s father says he is going to wear the new glasses every day until they are gone, according to the Independent.

The boy, who has Down syndrome, was diagnosed with Down syndrome at the age of three and his parents say he is not looking forward to wearing new glasses for the first time in his life.

He is hoping to get his own glasses, as well as a new wheelchair.

The parents have had their own problems with health issues and were told by the doctor that the boy needed to wear glasses every morning, and that he would need to have a special arrangement made with a private company to get them.

The company told the parents that the glasses would cost around £4,000, and the child would be allowed to take them to work or school.

But the parents say they are not happy with this.

They say they feel pressured to spend money on a pair of expensive glasses for their son that they don’t really need.

They have started a petition to try and get them back.

The Independent has contacted the company for comment.

The parent of the boy, Jamie Bowers, said he has been told the glasses are not necessary and the company has no plans to refund the money.

“They’ve got to get out of my house.

I have a hard life,” he told the Independent, adding that the child had to wear a special neck brace to support his neck when he was being wheeled around.”

I just don’t understand how that can be the standard, it’s just not right.”

Jamie Bowers told the newspaper he has asked the company to return the money he has paid.

He said: “I just feel really frustrated.

I want the glasses back.

I don’t want to lose them.”

A spokesman for the company told The Independent that they have a policy of returning money if the parents do not use their offer to return them the glasses.

“If you don’t return the glasses, we will return them to you in full and refund you £1,000,” the spokesman said.

“You can choose whether you want them returned or not.”

The spokesman added that the company will refund any money paid to the parents if they do not return the pair of high-quality glasses within six months.

The spokesman said they would have to make an application to get their refund.

The Guardian has contacted both the parents of the child for comment and is waiting for comment from the company.