The Kids Are Alright! Childwear – #12

Childwear has a new album out, and we’re loving it.

They’re also a band from the UK and Australia.

They’ve released a couple of new singles, but it’s still early in the year, so we’re excited to hear what they’re up to.

We got to talk with frontman Jason Lee about making this record, the influence of his favourite music, and the evolution of the band.

Jason Lee: Well, I’m really excited about the record.

We had a bunch of sessions and I think we’ve got the most awesome songwriting experience ever in a record.

The only thing I’ve changed since we last worked on a record was that the record is so much more cohesive.

I’m super proud of the sound and the direction we’ve taken it.

I think it’s just a really well-written record.

It’s so different, you know?

It’s not so much about the melody, the lyrics, or the lyrics.

It all just come together.

It really is.

It just seems like it.

It is a very different sound to what I’ve been working on lately.

It has a very very distinctive sound to it.

There’s a lot of emotion in it.

You really feel it.

And I think that’s what people really love about Childwear.

I mean, there’s something about the sound, but also the fact that it’s very hard to listen to.

There is this feeling that there is something going on in there.

And that’s great.

Jason’s the kind of person who likes to work on something for a long time and he likes to be able to put a lot on his plate and then have it be done.

And you can see it in the way he goes about his music.

The record has a lot going on.

The production is really nice, and I’m loving the way they’ve got it done.

It feels really natural and it feels like the band is making a record they love.

Jason has a really nice voice and a great stage presence, so it’s really nice to hear that, and it really does feel like a new record.

I know you’ve got a new single, “No One Can Take Us Away.”

What can you tell us about it?

It feels like you’ve been playing with it for a while now.

Jason: It was recorded when I was in high school, actually.

It was really just a couple things that I was trying to do on a whim and the whole record was made on a computer.

I really love the music on it.

So it feels really organic.

I love the way it sounds.

I’ve always loved singing and writing music.

I was actually writing a lot in my bedroom and it was a really great way to practice.

It taught me that you can write anything, any time you want, you just have to make it sound good.

And it’s all in the background of the song, so that’s all I wanted to do, which was to write about singing and singing.

And now I’ve found the music that I like.

It sounds like the best thing I ever wrote and it’s not as loud as it is, but still beautiful.

And the way that it plays on the radio, I love it.

That’s the most exciting thing about it.

The music is really great.

And, of course, there are the lyrics too.

The lyrics on the record are really lovely.

I just love the lyrics on it, I think, because it’s about love and family and everything that comes with it.

Jason is also a musician and has released two solo albums.

His first was an EP called Wasted.

We’re talking about his second, he’s called Childwear, which he wrote and produced, and has been released through his own label, Eatsonic Records.

Childwear is a lot different from his first EP.

I don’t know if you can even describe it in a sentence.

It doesn’t sound like anything else on the chart.

So the fact is that it is a new kind of record.

Jason was actually just a little bit bummed that his first record wasn’t as successful as he thought it would be.

He didn’t want to just put out a record that’s just the same old thing, so he went back and wrote the next record.

He called it Childwear 2, and that was actually the first record that he recorded with Eatsical Records.

So that was a huge step in the right direction.

But Jason says he felt a little frustrated that Childwear didn’t get a lot more attention.

He says it’s like there was this huge void.

It didn’t feel like they were doing the right thing.

And he says he was hoping that Child wear would become a bigger label.

Jason says that Eats Sonic has been doing a great job of marketing the record and promoting the record through all of