Baby wins $30 million at auction in ‘childwear’ deal

Childwear, a popular fashion brand in China, is about to win the $30 Million Dollar auction for the first time.

The baby-sized collection of clothing, shoes and accessories, including baby boots, diapers and baby carriers, was first unveiled last year by the cosmetics brand Chercher.

In an auction, Childwear said it wanted to honor the child who was killed in a traffic accident in Beijing in 2010.

The family said the toddler died of head injuries, but experts said he was likely struck by a car.

The clothing company is currently looking for another family member to represent the family at the auction, and will use the proceeds to support the cause.

The auction ended Thursday night at a total value of $2.9 million, according to the website for the auction.

The childwear collection features items that cater to families with young children.

The clothes are made with bamboo and are sold for between $35 and $40 a pair.