TYLER, 18, ‘wiped out’ by father who stole from him

Tyler, 18-year-old Tyler Childw-Derd has been declared bankrupt and ordered to repay more than $9 million he owes to his father for the debt, including a $4,200 loan and a $1,000 mortgage payment.

Tyler is also suing his former high school principal and former principal of his elementary school, who are also being sued by him.

In his lawsuit filed in the New York State Supreme Court, Tyler claims that his father’s loan and his mortgage payments are due because his mother, who was employed as a babysitter for the elder man, did not pay the $1.3 million loan and the $500,000 owed on the mortgage.

According to the court documents, Tylertown, Ohio, resident Childwerd owed his father about $8,000 when he first came to his home for the holidays in October 2016.

The debt was due to be paid when the debt was transferred to his mother at the end of the month, the documents state.

The documents also state that the loan was transferred because Tyler’s mother was a licensed commercial mortgage servicer.

It was discovered that the $4.4 million in loan debt was owed to Tyler, his mother and his father, the court filings state.

In a statement, the boy’s father, Robert Childwell, said his son was ‘frightened, shocked and devastated’ when he learned of the situation.

He said that when Tyler called his father to let him know the situation, the man was not prepared for the magnitude of the problem.

He said Tyler and his mother have been working hard since their separation to get things sorted out.

Children, seniors ‘fearfully’ left at home as family is in ‘financial mess’Childwells father said his child was ‘very concerned’ for his son, but the family had been living at home with their mother for almost two years.

Robert Childwells son said that after he learned about the debt from Tyler his son said he ‘feared that [the debt] was going to be a lot bigger’ than he anticipated.

He added that Tyler has been working very hard to get money to pay his father back, but he added that it was ‘too late’.

“It’s too late for him,” Robert Child well, the father, told the Associated Press.

“He owes everything to the people that he owes.

He’s a good kid, but [the situation] is just too much for him to deal with.”

The court filing also alleges that Tylermann and his family have ‘fears and fears’ for their safety.

Childwell said he was ‘extremely disappointed’ to learn about the debts and the way Tyller was handling them.

“We feel like our kids were taken advantage of,” he said.

A court filing by the Ohio Department of Children and Families, however, said that Tyllers ‘financial problems are well under control’ and that Ty lerds family is ‘fully solvent’ and has ‘no outstanding debts or credit card debt’.

The department also said that it has provided financial assistance to Tyllermann’s father to help pay his mortgage and loan payments.

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