Young, hot and cool: The coolest, most popular fashion trends of 2018

When Tyler Durden and his friend Josh Haggart were looking for a new outfit to wear for Halloween, they didn’t think twice about it.

The couple have always been obsessed with fashion and Halloween.

“It’s just a fun way to spend time with family and friends and be in your element,” Haggard said.

“I love it.

I love that I’m a kid.

I can wear anything.”

Durden, who is 6 years old, and his brother have been dressing up since they were in kindergarten, and they say they have no regrets.

“We’ve been going through so much together that we’ve just become really good friends, and that’s been really great,” Hoggart said.

They say the costumes are fun for their older siblings and even for the older kids in their class.

“If we were older, we would’ve definitely gotten a little bit more serious,” Hggard said with a laugh.

The two started dressing up together at the end of elementary school and grew into a full-fledged group, dressed in costumes that range from boy scout uniforms to a black-and-white version of the “Star Wars” theme park.

They started going on Halloween parties as teens, dressing up and going to costume parties, but the trend didn’t really catch on until they started going to other Halloween events as adults.

“We’re all very familiar with the characters and the things that they do, and the costumes,” Durden said.

So when they saw a costume for the upcoming movie “Captain America: Civil War” they thought it would be cool.

“When we got the script, we were like, ‘What the hell is this?'”

Haggess said.

“This was our first time ever doing something like this, so we were a little nervous,” Durde said.

They decided to go for a look that would make them stand out.

“I don’t know if that’s the biggest costume ever,” Higgards said.

When the kids asked, “Do you guys want to do a cape and suspenders?” they said yes, and then they did their first take on it.

They’ve been dressing their way up, going for the full look, but now they say it’s the costume they want to wear in 2019.

Durden and Haggards were able to capture some of the best shots of the new costume at Halloween parties, and now they’re putting their memories in a video.

The brothers were inspired to create the clip with their friend Jason Stahl, who shared the video with them on Facebook.

“Jason’s an amazing photographer and he took the video for us,” Huggs said.

Haggs said he had always wanted to do something like that, but he hadn’t done anything like this.

The kids were excited to get the chance to wear it, and Stahl said he was very proud of them.

“Tyler loves his family, he loves being an entertainer and he loves his friends, so this was a great way to show him that he can be proud of being himself,” Stahl wrote on Facebook about the video.

“What Tyler does is just a joy, and he’s got an amazing sense of humor and a great sense of style,” Haddies said.

And he is just so talented.

You know, he’s always laughing.

He has a great personality, and you can just tell he’s a good kid,” Hubb said.