How to spot fake baby clothes and fake baby shoes

In India, the market for fake baby outfits is booming.

“Baby clothes have been a staple of our society for a long time and we have become a very popular choice for fashion,” says Aditi Vittal, an associate professor of sociology at Jadavpur University.

“But the growth has been more rapid in recent years as many people are looking for a better fit for their kids, and this trend has become more widespread.”

There is a lot of pressure on the parents to have the best fit possible for their children, and the brands who cater to this market have made the perfect baby outfits.

“The brands will use a variety of materials, and even create custom shoes for their products.

The best of the best will be offered, including designer footwear that are custom made for your child.”

Vittal says that even if the brand is not based in the country, the shoes are likely to have a well-thought-out and carefully crafted design.

“We have seen several brands that make a range of styles that include baby shoes, including Chico Baby, Mango Baby, and Dunga Baby,” she says.

The most popular brand of baby shoes in India is Dungan Baby, which has its roots in India.

Its products are often handmade in India, and many of its shoes have been designed specifically for children.

The brand was founded by Chico Baba Ram, who now has seven children, says Vittal.

“Their shoes are so versatile, with different sizes and colours, and they have designs for different skin tones and ages,” she adds.

In recent years, Dungans range of baby footwear has also expanded.

According to Vittal’s research, there are now three brands in the market that cater to different skin types, ranging from toddlers to toddlers.

“It’s not just the footwear that they make, but also their accessories,” she explains.

“For example, there is a line of baby dresses called Mango’s baby, with an assortment of different fabrics.

They also have a line called Baby Pajamas, which is made with baby blankets.”

For a child who wants to make a baby outfit that is not just for the kids, the most popular brands in India are Dungas Mango and Baby.

Both of the brands offer a range that includes baby clothes, while also providing a range to suit a range from toddlers, to infants, to preschoolers, to young children.

“If you are looking to get a baby suit for yourself, then there are many brands in this space,” says Vithari, adding that the main brands in their categories include Pajama, Mambo Baby, Baby, Dress, Baby Mango, Baby Pampers, Baby Shoes, and Baby Womens.

“These are the brands that are available to cater to all ages.”

Dungas Baby has been around for nearly two decades, and it is now part of the brand name.

It has a line that includes all of the styles of the previous Mango baby, plus Baby Pamas.

Vitharian says that this range of products is a “real-life” fit for the child.

“You will find the products for different body types, from toddlers all the way up to preschool,” she notes.

Baby Shoe Company, which was founded in 2014, has three brands to cater specifically to kids.

“There are baby shoes for children of different shapes and sizes,” says Shanti Devi, who co-founded the company with husband and wife team in 2007.

“One of our most popular products is Baby Mambo, which they have come out with in various colours and sizes for babies, and also for kids.”

Baby Shoes offers a range for children, including a range made of baby blankets and a range with baby shoes and a variety for toddlers.

The range is sold online and in stores, and there are plans to expand the range to include other baby clothes.

For the parents who are looking not just to buy baby clothing but also baby accessories, Baby Accessories and Baby Gear is a popular brand.

It is based in Singapore and is one of the top-selling brands in Singapore, Vithar says.

“Its range includes baby gloves, baby shoes as well as baby bags,” she continues.

“As for baby accessories and baby clothes for toddlers, they also cater to that market.”

Baby Accessories is another Singapore-based company, which sells baby clothes in the UK and the US.

“They have been around in Singapore for a while,” Vitharia adds.

“And we are also in touch with their parent company, Bats, to make accessories and toys for children who don’t have any.”

Baby Gear is based out of Mumbai.

“The range is really diverse,” Viths says.

The products are not just child’s clothing, but include baby blankets