Samsung has finally unveiled its first child-friendly smartphone – the Samsung Childwar (Tamap) childwar – the new name for its new ChildWar range

Samsung has unveiled its newest child-safe smartphone.

The Childwar is a new child-proof smartphone, designed to protect children and parents from child abuse and neglect.

The device is called the Childwar Tampon, which stands for “tampon childwar”.

This means that it has a tampon-shaped lid and is made from silicone to make it child-resistant.

The new smartphone is the Childwars first childproof smartphone.

It comes in two different sizes – the 3.5mm, the 4.5 mm and the 6mm.

The 3.25mm version has a rounded front that protects the user’s face.

The 4.75mm version, meanwhile, has a round face that protects your hands, but has no padding.

The 6mm version is the most comfortable for the hands and the biggest for the chest.

The design is a bit different than the childwar smartphones, which have the same design as children.

The buttons on the back of the device are also different.

The 5.8mm and 6.1mm models have a flat shape, while the 6.4mm version sports a rounded face.

There’s a lot of new design features in this device, like a fingerprint reader, which you can press when the device is in use.

Samsung says that it uses silicone for the device’s design, which is more eco-friendly than the plastic used on the Childwear range.

The phone is powered by an Intel Atom processor, 2GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, as well as 802.11ac WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1 and GPS.

It has a 1080p display, a front-facing camera and an LED flash.

There is also a 2,600mAh battery that is removable.

The price of the ChildWar smartphone is set at $249.99, but it will be available in the coming weeks.

It’s still not clear when Samsung will make the childfree ChildWar available for sale.