‘My Baby Is Gone’: Parents Share Tears, Anger at Son’s Death

Posted January 23, 2018 06:24:03 An 8-year-old boy has died after being shot while in his custody in Louisiana, authorities said.

The boy was shot and killed in a storage unit in Monroe on Saturday.

The Louisiana State Police said a resident in the unit saw a man walking out of a bathroom with a gun.

The man fired a single round at the boy, who was taken to a hospital.

The suspect fled the scene, but a search of his home led police to a home in Livingston, about 30 miles west of Monroe.

The FBI, Louisiana State Attorney’s Office and the Monroe County District Attorney’s office are investigating.

The sheriff’s office said the investigation was ongoing.

The child’s father, Charles Carter, said he was upset because his son was not in a good place.

“My baby is gone,” Carter said.

“My child was just a good kid.

He had so many things to smile about.”

Carter said he plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the Louisiana State Children’s Protective Services agency and the state of Louisiana.

He said the agency has been “very quick” to respond to his concerns.

“It’s a very sad situation and it’s very difficult to comprehend that my son is gone, but we are a family and we are going to be strong,” Carter told WLBT News-Telegram.

“We have been through hell and we have done nothing wrong,” Carter added.

“But we are the ones who are going through hell.

We’re going to go in to make sure he gets better and get back to his family.””

We are going in to take care of our son.

We’re going to go in to make sure he gets better and get back to his family.”

Authorities say the incident occurred after a fight broke out in a home on the 600 block of South Westmoreland Street.

It was not immediately clear whether the boy was the son of the owner.

Carter said that his son, who lives with his parents and two siblings, was being bullied.

“He’s not a big kid, he’s not stupid,” Carter explained.

“He’s a normal child.”