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What you need to know about the Steelers: The Steelers are back on the road for the first time since their historic 2016 season, and it’s going to be a test.

Injuries are to blame for their struggles to close the gap with the Jets and Patriots, but the team is still capable of beating them at home.

The Steelers won’t have a bye week, but they have plenty of time to prepare.

They will need to play better, and that starts with finding a quarterback who can help the team in those crucial moments.

They are also going to have to learn how to run the ball with their offensive line.

The offense will need help on defense, but their biggest problem is the quarterback position.

Pittsburgh’s QB situation is a work in progress.


The Chiefs: The Chiefs are in a good spot to make the playoffs for the third straight year.

They have an opportunity to do it this year, but there are several big hurdles they must clear if they are to compete.

The defense must improve as well, and a defense that can get to the quarterback and throw the ball downfield will be vital to any Super Bowl contender.

The coaching staff has done a great job of developing young players, and they are not afraid to make tough decisions to improve their team.


The Ravens: The Ravens are in good shape, but some things have to change on offense to compete in the AFC.

The passing game will be crucial to their success, and if they can improve their rushing attack, they will be tough to beat.

The running game is still a concern, and there are questions about how much the offensive line can handle pressure and how well the offense will be able to throw it downfield.

The question is, can they do it?


The Jets: The Jets lost quarterback Josh McCown to the Cleveland Browns and are hoping to add another piece.

The team signed running back T.J. Yeldon and wide receiver Antonio Brown to bolster the offense, and the team will also need to improve the secondary.

The front office should also have a lot of success, but will have to take into account what the coaching staff can do with their younger players.


The Texans: The Texans lost QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to the New York Jets and were hoping to sign him.

They hope to add a running back or receiver as well as a tight end.

The secondary is a major question mark, and even though the secondary can be a strength, the offensive lines need to be better.

The offensive line has to be able play fast, and those linemen will need time to develop.

They also need better protection.


The Titans: The Titans have a chance to make a playoff push if they keep QB Marcus Mariota.

They still have plenty to improve, but Mariota is going to get better and more comfortable as the season progresses.

The only question is who will be the quarterback.

The Colts will need a QB to carry them to the playoffs.


The Cardinals: The Cardinals are in position to make it to the postseason if they don’t lose a quarterback.

They don’t need a quarterback, but it’s important to have a quarterback on your roster.

The defensive line is a big question mark as well.

Arizona will need depth at the cornerback position.

The quarterback situation will be key for the Cardinals this season, as they must find a reliable pass rusher who can be an upgrade over rookie Marcus Marioto.


The Bears: The Bears will have a huge decision to make this offseason.

They could either take a big step forward and win the NFC North or they could regress to the mean and miss the playoffs again.

This year is going for the Bears, and with an opportunity on the horizon, they need to make some changes to their roster to find their next quarterback.


The Browns: The Browns have been a team to watch this year.

Their offense is strong, but quarterback Johnny Manziel is the only quarterback on the roster that will be on the field for a lot more than a couple plays a game.

The QB situation will have the Browns struggling to make noise in the division, but if they continue to improve and get a better QB, they could be in good position to compete for the division title.


The Raiders: The Raiders have the luxury of having a new quarterback on their roster this offseason, and he could be a big part of their turnaround.

But they will have some work to do to replace the talented quarterback they have in rookie Derek Carr.

The receiving corps is a problem, and while they are adding wide receivers, the team has to figure out how to fill a void in the running game.


The Jaguars: The Jaguars will