Tyler Childw-Eddson sentenced to five years in prison

Tyler Childwen-Edson has been sentenced to 5 years in jail after pleading guilty to four counts of child abuse offences.

He was previously charged with five offences in relation to a six-year-old girl he abused.

Childw- Eddson was sentenced to the maximum term of five years, with the minimum of five months and will serve a further four years on remand.

His case was heard in the Queensland Supreme Court at the Brisbane courthouse, and was adjourned to January 20.

Justice Paul MacLean, sentencing Judge Peter McCallum, described Childw as a “predatory and controlling” man, and said he would be unable to rehabilitate his criminal record.

“The court has been impressed by the level of remorse and remorse shown by Tyler,” he said.

“His criminal record has been an immense hardship to him and he will be able to take full advantage of the rehabilitation opportunities available.”

MacLean said Childw’s conduct was “deeply offensive and abhorrent” and that the “serious nature of the offences” demonstrated a “profound disregard for human dignity and respect for other people”.

“The circumstances in which he engaged in the offending made it clear that his conduct was deeply offensive and reprehensible,” he added.’

A dark time’For the victimChildw was found guilty of four counts each of one count of sexually assaulting a child under the age of 12, four counts and four counts under the Family Violence Act, and one count for child abuse in relation the six-week period from March to August last year.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of each of the five offences and was sentenced at the Court of Appeal to a maximum of five and a half years in custody.

MacLean described the sexual assault as a complex and “dark time”.

“Mr Childw did not stop there, but he continued his assault with each successive incident until he reached the conclusion that he was satisfied it was no longer appropriate,” he noted.

“He continued to pursue the victim and she continued to report it.”

At the conclusion of his offending, Mr Childw had reached a point where he was unable to take any further actions against the victim, including continuing the offending.”‘

An act of war’Childw’s actions came after he allegedly abused the child in his home, which was on the Gold Coast in March and April last year, the court heard.

The court heard he had also assaulted another child in the home in February, and two children had been involved in a relationship with him.”

It is a dark time for him and a dark chapter in his life.””

I am satisfied the defendant has been involved with a number of children.”

It is a dark time for him and a dark chapter in his life.

“The court also heard that the boy who had been sexually assaulted had reported Childw to police in January, but Childw refused to tell police his name.”

I have a lot of questions for the police,” he told the court.”

You have asked me the same question, and you have asked a very difficult question.

I don’t have a way of answering it for you, I don�t know how you are going to answer it.

“The victim’s mother, who has also pleaded not guilty, said she had no information about Childw, or his offending.”

This case has been a complete shock to me and to the family,” she told the hearing.”

We are in shock.

Tyler is not here.

We don�re going to get through this.

“Maclean said Childwen had a history of “incidents of violence and child abuse”, but said the case was complicated.”

A long history of offending has been contained in this case,” he explained.”

In the early years, he was a young offender, and the offending has come to a point of closure.

“And he has now reached his peak of offending.”