Which is the Best Earrings for Kids?

It was a long road for the young couple of years since Carter Childwear was launched in 2008.

The brand had its roots in the world of fashion, with the idea that the earrings should look natural and not be overly ornate.

“We had a lot of fashion critics that we didn’t like, but I think they really liked our style,” Childwear founder and creative director Kaitlin Scott says.

“It was the opposite of something like Burberry, but it was the same look.”

But then Carter came out with a pair of earrings that looked like they had been made out of a piece of human skin.

“The first one I tried was a bit bigger than I’d like,” Scott says of the initial batch.

“I think it was a little bit bigger, but my ear was kind of squished.

It didn’t look like it fit in my ear canal, but we still had the same style.”

She decided to give the Earrings a try, and was pleasantly surprised by how it felt in her ears.

“The second one I really liked was the one that I’ve had since,” she says.

Carter is a designer that’s a bit more focused on design and style than just making earrings.

“As far as a fashion brand, Carter has always been more of a performance brand,” she tells Yahoo Beauty.

“They have really good design and really good fabrics, and it’s really about showing how you can take a simple and comfortable item and really put it in the right context to be the ultimate performance piece.”

Carter also has a long history of selling designer items and also sells its own line of earring earrings for children.

Scott and Childwear are also making it easy for parents to buy their own earrings online, so parents can pick their own styles.

The company has a new website, Carter.com, which includes everything from basic earrings to larger sizes, to offer the perfect earrings in a variety of styles.

Carter has also expanded its product line with the addition of a line of custom earrings, and the company is hoping to have its own custom-made earrings available by the end of the year.

“There’s a lot to like about Carter, and I think a lot can be improved on,” Scott tells Yahoo Style.

Carter also has the potential to be a brand that children can connect with and enjoy spending time with.

Scott says Carter has a “kind of a sweet spot where it’s not too girly, but definitely not too serious, and is really fun to be around.”