What to know about the bankruptcy of Macy’s children’s fashion brand, Hush Puppies

Children’s fashion is notoriously difficult to break up.

And Macy’s, which owns the Hush brand, is no exception.

The chain has filed for Chapter 11 protection, which would require the bankruptcy court to allow it to sell its assets, including the clothing line, to private equity firm HSH Partners.

But it’s unclear whether this bankruptcy is a good idea.

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But, according with the Wall Street Journal, the bankruptcy would be a boon to HSH, because the company can sell its stock.

It also helps that HSH has the luxury of having the exclusive right to make money on the clothing lines it sells.

The bankruptcy filing could force Macy’s to cut down on its spending on apparel, and perhaps even to sell some of its assets.

Macy’s parent company, J.C. Penney, has already seen its share of the clothing business shrink over the years.

Macy says it needs to cut about $300 million in revenue and spend about $700 million to survive in 2018, which could include shedding the HSH brand.

But HSH’s bankruptcy filing also may force Macy to cut some of the spending it already has planned for 2018, like a holiday campaign that has already been scrapped, or possibly a planned partnership with fashion retailer Forever 21.

We asked Macy’s spokespeople about whether the company is considering a deal with Hush to sell off the HST brand.

They said they weren’t aware of any plans, but that it’s something that is discussed regularly with HSH partners and is a priority for them.

Macy also plans to focus on building out its online store, and it has also been talking with HUSH Partners about expanding its mobile presence, as well.

The company’s parent, JCPenney, is still owned by the same family that owns Macy’s.

The Hush puppies and the dog show that Hush started in 1982, were a popular fashion trend among children, who loved to see the characters on the covers of magazines, according the New York Times.

Hush became a favorite among adults too, according Fortune.

That trend has lasted for decades, but Macy’s now sees the brand as an opportunity.

The kids love seeing the animals on the cover, but it’s not for everyone.

Macy said it wants to be the destination for kids.

“We believe in the HUSH brand and we’re excited to continue to expand it to children, and also our families, to bring our customers together with the products they love,” said Jennifer C. Gaudiano, Macy’s chief marketing officer.